In the best of circumstances, moving into a new apartment can make a single girl feel like Holly Golightly. Setting up and decorating her abode becomes an adventure of limitless possibilities. Even the most extravagant gourmet shop in the neighborhood begs patronizing. Every stranger on the street is destined to be a future party guest. And every encounter is an opportunity to kill someone with kindness. However jaded she is with life in the big city, a new pad makes her feel like she's playing grown-up; and the lucky guys who treat her nicely may even get to see it. After all, a girl needs a heroic male to hang the bookshelves that leave more space on the floor for the antique vanity that completes the French 'boudoir' look in the room she plans to invite him into.

And in a city where rear-window spying & front-window voyeurism would serve as a substitute for Must-See television, she must assure her privacy with drapes, and enlist another male to guarantee they are well-hung.

AuthorDeirdre Brennan
CategoriesBeing Single